Tulu Bible

Tulu is a Dravidian language mainly spoken in the south west of India in what is known as Tulu Nadu, a small provence in the district of south Canara by about two million people.The edition is printed in the Canarese character.

This is the New Testament of 1842-47, translated by the Basel missionaries, and printed at Mangalore.

Given are the first ten and last ten pages of the Tulu New Testament. 

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The books of the New Testament of 1858


Matthew             Mark                 Luke                  John

The Acts            To the Romans   I Corinthians      II Corinthians

Galatians            Ephesians          Philippians         Colossians

I Thessalonians   II Thessalonians  I Timothy          II Timothy

Titus                 Philemon            To the Hebrews  Epistle of James

I Peter              II Peter              I John                II John

III John             Jude                  Revelation