Rumanian Bible 1874

This is the Rumanian Bible from 1874

A romance language spoken by around 24 to 28 million people. It is the official language in Romania and Moldova, and the autonomous province Vojvodina in Serbia.

It is a language of the Indo-European family, of the Romance or Neo-Latin group of the Italic family of languages.

The 1874 bible is without Apocrypha, and the text is in roman type. Our text is a reprint of 1926 by the B.F.B.S.of the socalled Iasi version of 1874. This edition was prepared by W.Mayer with the assistance of Basile Pallade, a professor at Iasi. The work was begun by N.Balasescu, a professor at Bucharest, revised by Jerome of Iasi, a professor at the Seminary of the Orthodox Wallachian Church, and two other professors at the Iasi Seminary, named F. Dubdu and C. Erbicenu, translating from Hebrew, modern Greek and the Latin OT version of Tremellius and Junius of 1579, Frankfurt am Main.


The books of the Old Testament


Genesis               Exodus               Leviticus               Numbers

Deuteronomy       Joshua               Judges                  Ruth

I Samuel             II Samuel            I Kings                  II Kings

I Chronicles         II Chronicles        Ezra                     Nehemiah

Esther                Job                    Psalms I                Psalms II 

Proverbs             Ecclesiastes     Song of Solomon       Isaiah                   

Jeremiah             Lamentations      Ezekiel                  Daniel                   Hosea                Joel                   Amos                   Obadiah                 Jonah                 Micah                Nahum                 Habakkuk                Zephaniah           Zechariah          Malachi 




The books of the New Testament 


Matthew             Mark                Luke                 John

The Acts            To the Romans   I Corinthians      II Corinthians

Galatians            Ephesians          Philippians         Colossians

I Thessalonians   II Thessalonians  I Timothy          II Timothy

Titus                 Philemon            To the Hebrews  Epistle of James

I Peter              II Peter              I John              II John

III John             Jude                  Revelation



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The Rumanian Fidela version of 2010


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