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Arabic Smith-VanDyke Version

 On our site you'll see the Bible in PDF (files per book).

There is also added a link to the Bible. 

click on:

Arabic Smith-VanDyke Version

Aramaic / Syriac

"The editio princeps of the Syriac New Testament in the Peshitta Version, and the first book printed in the language. Edited by Johann Albrecht Widmanstadt (1506-1559), assisted by the Syrian priest Moses of Mardin. Published in Vienna under the auspices and at the expense of King and later emporer Ferdinand in 1555."

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Azerbaijan Bible

 Azerbaijan New Testament  (without Matthew and Titus)


Here you find the Gospel of Matthew in Balochi of 1899

Bengali Bible 1867

Here you find the Bengali Bible 1867, indirectly based on Wiliam Carey's version of 1805.
 Bengali Bible 1867

Bulgarian Bible 1920

Here you find the Old and New Testament, and an overview at the end of the history of the Bulgarian Bible, printed in Sofia, 1920 by the Orthodox Church. It is from the correct text.

Bulgarian Bible 1920

Burmese Bible (Adoniram Judsons)

Adoniram Judsons Burmese translation, a photo-offset print from the edition of the end of the 19th century.

Click on:

 A.J.Burmese Bible

Cannarese Bible

For now we have the Cannarese New Testament of 1881 in PFD file for you to download

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Chamorro (Guam)

The gospel of John in Chamaro 1908

with KJV1611 parallel text

Chinese Bible

 Schereschewski Bible from 1902,


Schereschewsky Chinese Mandarin New Testament 1880 parallel with AV1611,


The Schereschewski Mandarin Chinese-English New Testament from 1880-1885,


Schereschewsky Chinese Mandarin Old Testament from 1875


Morrisons Chinese New Testament of 1814,

Chinese Parallel Bible, parallel Chinese NT with AV 1611, union version and the 1872 first Peking northern Mandarin NT.



Morrisons Chinese Hi-Wenli, 1845 by the BFBS, London, the books of Luke and Acts. 


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Coptic Bible

 Coptic Version of the New Testament Northern Dialect 1898-1909

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Czech Bible 1613

The bible of Kralice was the first complete translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into the Czech language.

 Czech Bible of 1613

Danish Bible 1871-1819

The Danish Bible

Old Testament 1871

New Testament 1819

Click on:

Danish Bible

Dutch Statenvertaling and Trommius Concordance


On this page will come the SV1637-AV1611 parallel text.

Click here. 



The first four pages of the exhaustive Trommius concordance of 1750 on the Staten Bijbel 1637.
The complete text of all three parts will follow later. 

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And a link to the Dutch Staten Vertaling 1637

English Bibles (+ King James 1611) + concordance

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King James Bible

1835 King James Version Authorized Version Edinburgh Edition NT 1869 Tischendorf

Yearly Bible Reading Schedule

Bible Geneve 1669


"Hexapla" in English 1841


And at, you find:
Wycliffe NT 1390,1731
English KJB first edition
Tyndale 1523.


Finnish Bible

The Old and New Testament of the Finnish Bible 1776

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French Ostervald Bible 1899

The French Ostervald Bible 1842

 (link to) Calvin Bible 1551 (PDF file)

 Bible Épée de Jean Calvin 1560

Pierre Olivetan 1535


Here you find the first three pages of the French Ostervald Bible of 1899 

French Ostervald Bible

After opening the link rotate counterclockwise

Frisian Wumkes Bible 1943 - Fryske Wumkes Bibel

Here you find the link to the Frisian Wumkes Bible.

Hjir fyne jo de link nei de Fryske Wumkes Bibel. 

Fryske Wumkes Bibel

German Luther Bibles and Concordances

The Old and New Testament of the Luther Bible of 1545

Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments 1545

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At you find the Luther 1522


Zürcher 1531 Bibel

German Swiss Zürcher Bible 1534



The first four pages of the Luther AV 1611 parallel text. THE two books who broke the dark ages and brought more light, liberty and salvation of eternal souls than any other combination of books in the history of the world.

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"Evangelische Deutsche Original-Bibel. Das ist: Die ganze Heilige Schrift... dergestalt eingerichtet, dass der hebräische oder griechische Grundtext und die deutsche Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers neben einander erschienen, die Blätter aber mit den Seiten der ... Cansteinische Bibel übereintreffen...  Ausgegeben von Fromman, in Züllichau, 1740,1741. 2 vols.

A diglot edition of the Bible. The canonical books of the O.T. are given in
Hebrew and German; the Apocrypha are omitted; the N.T. is from the Greek Textus Receptus and German of Doctor Martin Luther.The German follows the Canstein editions , page for page, or rather column for column.
Vol.1 is dated 1741; and vol.2, 1740. 

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(Under construction, already a few files on)

Old exhaustive Luther Concordance from 1705 on the old Luther Bible before 1850. Our reprint is from the Pietistic Canstein Bible Socitey, Halle, Germany, 1816. Every German word has all underlying Hebrew and Greek words written behind it, long before Strong copied this system for the English language. 

Click here.

Tangible Bibles can be orderd in Germany at:

Verlag der Lutherische Buchhandlung
Martin Luther Weg 1
D-29393 Gross Oesingen

Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels

Here you find the link to a Google site on which you can find the

 Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels

Greek New Testaments

At you find: 

Erasmus Greek NT 1519, 1522, and Stephanus 1550 Greek NT


Stephanus 1550


Ancient Koine Greek New Testament of 1833


Greek Textus Receptus- Stephens Scrivener 1860


 Modern Greek 1871 New Testament Gospel of John

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Gujarati Bible

 The Gujarati New Testament of 1867



The Gospel of John in Hawaian and English parallel text, 1854

Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Old Testament Ben Chayyim Bomberg 1545

 The Hebrew New Testament of 1817.

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Hindi Bible

The Hindi Old Testament of 1909 in five parts.

The Hindi New Testament of 1874

The Hindi New Testament of 1897 in Roman Character

 The Hindi New Testament 1904.

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Hungarian Károli Bible 1852 and 1846

New Testament 1691

Here you find the Hungarian Károli Bible 1852 and 1846 (NT and Psalms)

Hungarian Károli Bible 1852 and 1846

Icelandic Bible


Here you find the Gospel of Matthew in Icelandic

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Irish Bible

The first edition of the Irish Bible printed for the B.F.B.S., London, 1817.

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Italian Bible

Here you will find  the Italian Diodati 1836

A link to the Italian Diodati 1641 (whole Bible)

 Italian Diodati New Testament/parallel KJV1611

Japanese Bible

An account of the formation of the protestant Japanese Bible, Yokohama, 1888. It explains why the pure word of God never reached Japan, and was from the start heavily infected by German rationalism, through the unsaved English scholars working on the Revised Version (1881- 1884).

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Japanese Bible Yokohama 1895


The Japanse NT from 1904


The Japanese NT of 1908


The Japanese NT of 1931

Javanese Bible 1931


The first five pages of the Javanese Gospels and Acts printed by the BFBS in Singapore, 1931

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Gospel of John in Kele, 1879, spoken in Gabon, West Africa

Korean Bible

Thirteen pages of the Korean Scofield study Bible

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We put on a link where to order this Bible.


The Gospel of Matthew in Kusai, 1871, spoken in the Caroline islands in the Pacific.


Low-German Bugenhagen Bible 1545

Here you find a link to the Low-German Bugenhagen Bible of 1545

Low-German Bugenhagen Bible


Malay Bible

The Leydekker Malay OT of 1858

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The Klinkert Malay Old Testament of 1879

The Klinkert Malay New Testament of 1870 and of 1896

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Malayalam Bible

The Malayalam NT of 1887, printed in Mangalore, India.

Several pages form the Old and New Testament in Malayalam. The edition is printed in modern Malayalam charcacter. The OT is printed in Mangalore in 1879 and the NT in Madras in 1899 by the Basle missionaries and the BFBS. 

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  The Gospel of Mark in Manchu, 1822-1835

And the entire Manchu NT of 1835



Marathi New Testament

The the four gospels of the Marathi N.T. which goes back to William Careys own version of 1805.
It's divided into three parts

Click here.


The Gospel of Luke in Micmac, 1871, an Indian tribe in the USA


Mongolian Bible

For the Mongolian New Testament 1846 and the New Testament from 1880

Both by Stallybrass and Swan

 click here

Nepali Bible

For information on the Nepali Bible

click here

Norwegian Bible


Here you find six pages of the Norwegian Bible 2003 based on the King James Bible 1611  

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Orissa Bible (Ori'y'a)

Persian Bible (Farsi)

 Behind the link you will find the Old Testament in Persian, 1845, Edingburgh, translated by W. Glenn, and the Old Testament in PDF-files

And the New Testament in Persian by Henry Martin:
It is the 4th edition of 1837, the first three editions are from 1815, 1816 and 1827. "Martin's Persian version of the New Testament won the encomiums of Persian scholars for the beauty of its style, and it ranks second only to his Urdu version." 

Click on: 

Persian Bible


The NT 1837 by Henry Martin is available in tangible book form
at HBF and can be requested using the contact form.

Polish Bible

The 1913 Danzig Bible

Here you will find the Polish Bible


Portugese Bible


Here you find the first three pages of the Portugese Almeida Bible.

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Romansch or Rheto-Romanese

Rumanian Bible 1874

The Rumanian Bible from 1874

And the Rumanian Fidela version of 2010

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Russian Bible

Here are several links to the Russian Bible as well as some files to scanned pages of Russian Bibles

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The Gospel of John in Sinhalese, 1868 (Sri Lanka)


Serbian Bible

The Serbian Bible in Cyrilllic script, a 1945 reprint of the 1892 Serbian Bible. 

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The 1847 Serbian New Testament

Slovanian Bible (1882)

Is not yet on our website, but already available on CD-ROM

If you are interested in a CD, please mail to Holybiblefoundation

Slavonic Bible 1581

The first edition of the complete Bible in Slavonic, under auspices of
Konstantin, Prince of Ostrog in Volhyna, Russia. Unfortunately with Apocrypha in OT, as all eastern Orthodox Bibles have by nature. The modern Ukrainian text parallel to this edition is corrupt, and should be discarded.

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Sorbian Bible


Sorbian Bible

Spanish Bible


Here you find the first three pages of the Spanish Reina Valera Bible of 1865 

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The Gospel of John in Swahili of 1875

And the Book of Romans of 1878

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Swedish Bible 1873


The Gospel of John in Tahitian (Polynesian) 1852


Tamil Bible

The first 4 books of the 1860 Tamil Old Testament

Tamil Bible

Telugu Bible

Here you will find the Telugu Bible

Telugu Bible

Tulu Bible


The Tulu Bible

Turkish Bible


Here are the first three pages of theTurkish Bible of 1827

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Ukrainian Bible

Ukrainian Bible 1906

New Testament 1880

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Urdu Bible

 For the Books of the Old and New Testament of this Bible click on:

 Urdu Bible

Also for the Hindustani (Urdu) New Testament of 1842

And for the Hindustani (Urdu) New Testament of 1860

Welsh Bible

 A link to the first Welsh Bible of 1588

William Morgan, Y Beibl cyssegrlan, sef yr hen destamenr, ar newydd
(London, 1588: Christopher Barker)

click here


The Gospel of John in Zulu, 1908


More Bible links

Also to be found on are the following good Bibles:                                                 Bas Hautin – 1571 Navarro –Labourdin Basque NT translated and published by Pierre Hautin.  Wulfila – Bishops Wulfila`s Gothic Bible of the 4th century, ed.1919 by W.Streitberg  Peshitta – Syriac peshitta, published by the BFBS , 1905  Cro – Croatian Bible  Arm Western – 1853 Western Armenian NT  Thai KJV – KJV in Thai  TagAngBiblia – Bible in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, Philippine Bible Society, 1905  Mal 1865 – Malagasy Bible – 1865 First Malagasian Bible was translated by D. Griffith of the London Missionary Society. First correction in 1865.

still under construction

We will place Reformation Bibles on this site in various languages so that everyone can read the Word of God.


You are allowed to download and print these files for personal use.

Selling this material is prohibited.



Op deze site komen ReformatieBijbels in verschillende talen zodat een ieder het Woord van God kan lezen.


U mag de dossiers downloaden en printen voor persoonlijk gebruik.

Het is niet toegestaan dit materiaal verder te verkopen.